Journey of a Graphic Design Intern

My name is Nadine Purdy and I'm a graphic design student from NSCAD University in my last year of a four year degree (well kinda). I've landed myself a fantastic internship at a growing firm and decided to keep a log of my day by day activities and all the rich educational experiences I've obtained.

This is a journey of a student becoming a professional.

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I am the wordpress Queen. Plugins are my BFF’s.

I’m Baaackkkkkkkkk.

To busy to update lately, however I’ll make the best of efforts to fix that. May/June Mingle is out and it’s the best piece of work I have ever completed. I had a proud tear-jerking moment when my Boss let me place my name under Graphic Design, instead of the agency. Quite an accomplishment. I have a vision for the magazine and I want to drive it toward the direction my Boss originally had set for it… with a little flare of course. I added little touches and updates which are subtle but should attract the readers eye. We also added the “what’s in your bag” spread as well.. its going to be exciting. This issue is pretty much “what’s in Nadine’s bag” as I shot most of my stuff as precedents. :)

I was really inspired by Wired Magazine and Roger’s publication Connected Magazine. Oh how I love editorial.

Smart Objects

Thanks to the handy tutorial my boss gave me I now have successfully created a lovely file train of smart objects from illustrator, to photoshop, to indesign. It saves so much time setting up a file like this when it comes to adjustments. I also have recently discovered the pathfinder tool thank to him as well.. Ugh I wish I knew about it back in school when I was making logos!

I have a new work station :) Its unbelievable. 

(Thanks guys!)

After 4 years of indeisgn…

 I only just now clicked on the gap tool and gave it a whirl.. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Design & Precedents

Would you buy a computer without shopping around? Would you take the first tomato without giving a few the squish test? No… I didn’t think so..

So why wouldn’t you look for relevant precedents when designing a logo? This is one of the first things I do when starting a new logo or business card or really this can be applied to everything worth designing. Find out what prominent paradigms are out there!

I get lost in Logo Pond 


This was a challenge as the student didn’t have a logo, so I stuck with his school colors as a brand.

I also designed the Wired Flare business cards. (website soon to be posted)

The first brand I did which I can now make public. Wired Flare is a company that specializes in making an online presence on the internet for clients. I designed the logo to reflect the dialog of writing and the social media app world.

Design brief below:

COLOR: Red was chosen for a number of reasons. First, the client uses a metaphor relating to fashion when describing their business. Red is trendy, represents the competitive, and passionate - yet feminine - aspects of their business. Red is seen as intense, complementing the rapid online presence which Wired Flare creates for it’s clients.

SHAPE: Speech bubbles are used to represent conversation and speech. Wired Flare is in the business of talking about other businesses online, as well as starting conversations around your business.

The speech bubble is treated like an app icon commonly used for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other social-media applications. Wired Flare deals with all aspects of the Internet; this look helps to identify the company as a user of these specific social-media tools.

The “W” in wired was treated as an @ symbol to enrich the logo with online and conversional types of metaphors. Not only is the @ symbol used in e-mails, but also  in conversation on Twitter and on Facebook, It is associated with online media and the act of being connected.

The triangle in the speech bubble was borrowed from the negative space in the W (from Wired), in order to create a strong visual tension. This tension mimics a bolt of electricity (flare) - i.e., a sharp point which indicates that Wired Flare is bold and forward to the point, to immediately enhance your presence online.

TYPE: The font used in this logo is called Strasua having a tech-feel. Carefully placed
typography ensures harmony for the eye.

TAGLINE: The tagline is “you. online.” “you” is lowercase so that the viewer identifies with the word “you” as themselves. The lowercasing averts from complexity and keeps the tagline crisp. “online” is in small caps to make a strong solid stance.
Keeping the tagline simple indicates that the viewers’ role with Wired Flare is
simple, while the contrast of Wired Flare’s logo shows the loud result of your future
online presence.

Work is nuts, I have been pumping out custom wordpress websites and business cards like there going out of style. updates this weekend!

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